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O.G. Cayenne Hot Sauce


Original Cayenne Hot Sauce

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Fire & Rice's Hot Sauce is a perfectly balanced blend of cayenne peppers, tomato, garlic, onion, and lime that will tantalise your taste buds with just the right amount of heat and flavor. This hot sauce is crafted with only the freshest ingredients and carefully blended to achieve the perfect balance of spicy and savory flavors.

The cayenne peppers provide the heat that ignites your palate, while the tomato, garlic, onion, and lime to offer a subtle sweetness that balances out the spiciness. Each ingredient in this hot sauce is carefully selected to ensure that the flavors work harmoniously together to create a truly unique taste experience.

Whether you're looking to add some heat to your favorite dishes or spice up your snacks, Fire & Rice's Hot Sauce is the perfect condiment to have on hand. It's great for adding flavor to tacos, eggs, burgers, pizza, and more. This versatile hot sauce is sure to become a staple in your kitchen and a favorite among your family and friends.Experience the perfect balance of flavor and heat with Fire & Rice's Hot Sauce.

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Great hot sauce!

Had this at an event catered by Fire & Rice (best paella ever!) and brought some home. Spoiled for life. It's the best I've ever had, also!


Great flavor, and just the right amount of heat!

Normally, I don't use much hot sauce, typically topping out at Tabasco or Frank's Red Hot level of heat. Those have their place, but they are just the generic hot sauce flavor. Fire & Rice Hot Sauce has a much more interesting flavor than those, and just the right amount of heat, the taste is so good. There's an subtle smokiness to it, with good heat flavor, and just enough sweetness to round it out. I've tried it on pizza, pork chops, chicken wings, steak and eggs, but I really enjoy it in my chili. This sauce is a good addition to add some interesting flavor with very manageable heat, even for those of us who usually shy away from hot sauces.


Best freaking hot sauce ever!

Seriously... No joke... Perfect balance of everything. Spice, kick, blend is amazing. Thick but not too thick and goes on absolutely everything!!! Do it!



This hot sauce is simply delectable, I put it on everything!



This hot sauce has a dazzling balance of heat and tang, sweetness and spice, smoke and tingle. It is truly delectable.



This hot sauce is amazing - I put it on everything!


The Best!

Great stuff, incredible!


A Sauce for Everything

I'm not a hot sauce person per se, but I love this stuff, tt is amazing on everything. Grab this you'll thank me!


Great hot sauce & customer service!

I Love the flavor of this hot sauce and that it's not too hot.



I loved the sauce. Great flavor.


Great flavor.

Great flavor with a spicy kick!



The best!



Such great flavor - this stuff is great!


Not just for paella!

We put it on some chicken wings and it was fantastic!!!


The best!

This hot sauce is outstanding.


Hot Sauce Lover

At the age of eight, I started enjoying hot peppers with my father, and since I was old enough to drive have always carried a bottle of hot sauce with me to any establishment I patron. Now I carry “Fire & Rice”. It’s the perfect balance of flavor, and heat. Thank you for your passion.

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Must Have!

This sauce is amazing, the perfect balance of flavor; tangy & zesty with with punch of heat. It is wonderfully versatile, my favorite way to have it is on eggs & avocado!

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Fantastic Sauce - Just the right amount of heat!

This sauce has good flavor and balanced heat. I use it as a flavor add in and as a topping! Love it, family and friends love it! It's a must have for your table.

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Hot Pepper Girl

Absolutely A-Ma-ZING HOT SAUCE! It’s definitely going to be a staple at my house. It’s a “must have on hand” at all times!

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